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Welcome Parents to Little Chefs



My name is Felisha Shabazz and I am the teacher and owner of Little Chefs. I have 4 kids of my own and they love helping out in the kitchen. They have given me the idea of this business. My kids and I would use recipes from the foodnetwork channel and make our own dishes and snacks. It is always fun when the kids are involved and they tend to eat anything they make themselves.




I will be preparing many recipes for your kids to have fun with. We will be making pies, cakes, pasta dishes, pastry, rice dishes, meat and seafood dishes, breads and drinks such as shakes and smoothies. Your kids will learn the names of utensils and what their uses are. They will learn the names of ingredients and their smells and tastes. We will be using recipes from the foodnetwork channel but with little twists to them so that they taste even more delicious. Kids will get to wear an apron and hair nets. They will use oven mittens and kitchen cloths along with necessary pots and other utensils.


Each week kids will learn something new in every class. We will not be repeating any recipes. Each class will have one recipe or two but will not be repeated in any other class. Please try not to miss a class. It is all about the independence of kids in the kitchen with adult supervision. Kids like to be in control of something and would love to do something for their parents or friends that makes them happy. Kids love of cooking don't have to end there. They can work on their skills in career schools and become professional chefs in the future. They can have their own restaurant or even become teachers themselves. Either way, the aim is for the kids to have fun doing something they like.



I hope to see your child in my class and I do hope they have lots of fun cooking. Please click on Register Here for days and time.